Careers in Information Technology Today

“The study, design, development, implementation, support or management of computer-based, information systems, particularly software applications and computer hardware”, is how the Information Technology Association of America (ITAA) defines IT. Novel and innovative progress in the world of Information Technology is the result of man’s quest to make advances in every possible way.

The turn of the century has brought with it CEH test extensive change. The generation of today and the ones before are no more similar than chalk and cheese. In the present times, it is close to impossible to survive in the absence of the “digital thinking machine”; that is, the computer. What drives people towards electronic-systemization is the fact that all processes can be automated and programmed, to ease the burden as one is incessantly hard-pressed for time. Not to mention that almost all business processes of corporate giants are founded on the intricate server-client relationship and vast network administration.

What is IT to you?

Recent studies show that, all IT companies want to hire only professionals who have been working with maximum exposure to the current technologies. This is possible only by being engaged in training programs, seminars, workshops, etc. The key points in the success of one’s career are:

A Degree
Relevant experience

The hunt for an ideal career is foremost on a youth’s mind. The degree of security that the job can offer professionally as well as monetarily is another thought. Some of the various areas under constant progress in the IT sector include:


Linux Server Administration
Windows Server and Network Administration

Certification programs
RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineer)
CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Administration)

Candidates trained in one or more of these above-mentioned courses are bound to have an edge over others who have not. This opens doors for a more satisfying career and higher remuneration, owing to the added qualifications in software, technical department or certification programs